Monoisopropylamine MIPA – Aliphatic Amine;Alicyclic Amine

Monoisopropylamine MIPA – Aliphatic Amine;Alicyclic Amine

  • monoisopropylamine (mipa)

    Monoisopropylamine (MIPA)

    Isopropylamine (also called Mono-isopropylamine; MIPA) is a versatile intermediate with a variety of applications. The main applications can be found in the field of agricultural chemical: to produce glyphosate, atrazine and other triazine herbicides, bentazone, etc. MIPA is also used to produce surfactants and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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    Isopropylamine (monoisopropyl amine, MIPA, 2-Propylamine) is an organic compound, an amine. It is a hygroscopic colorless liquid with ammonia-like odor. It is miscible with water and flammable. It is a valuable intermediate in chemical industry.

  • aliphatic amines - isopropylamine - diisopropylamine (dipa

    Aliphatic Amines - Isopropylamine - Diisopropylamine (dipa

    Manufacturer of Aliphatic Amines - Isopropylamine - Diisopropylamine (dipa), Monoisopropylamine (mipa) offered by Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Pay With IndiaMART New Download App

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    IRO Amine started from ethylamine production in 1998 as “Shandong Zhentao Amine Chemical”. Based on the following aliphatic amine production, Shandong Zhentao rapidly developed to a top amine supplier in China.

  • monoisopropylamine (mipa) | alkyl amines chemicals limited

    Monoisopropylamine (mipa) | Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited

    Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd (AACL) is a public Limited Listed Company promoted in 1979. The Company is in the business of manufacturing and marketing various aliphatic amines, amine derivatives and other speciality chemicals for the last 30 years.

  • aliphatic amine | ochempal

    Aliphatic Amine | OChemPal

    Aliphatic Amine. An aliphatic amine is an amine in the molecule of which there are no aromatic rings directly on the nitrogen atom.

  • aliphatic amines – epochemie – epoxy curing agents

    ALIPHATIC AMINES – Epochemie – Epoxy Curing Agents

    Aliphatic Amines. Aliphatic amines are usually fast curing, low viscosity, and good chemical resistance to the applied system. However, it is usually modified to eliminate problems caused by objectionable volatility of such amines. By pre-reacting the amine with part of the epoxy resin formed Polyamine Adduct.

  • what are the differences and similarities between an

    What are the differences and similarities between an

    I read that alicyclic compounds are compounds that are both aliphatic and cyclic and i know that aliphatic compounds are acyclic while alicyclic compounds are cyclic but are there any other differences and similarities between them and what is exactly an aliphatic compound?

  • difference between aliphatic and aromatic amines

    Difference Between Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines

    Aliphatic vs Aromatic Amines The best and the most significant difference between aliphatic and aromatic amines is the structural difference between the two compounds.Aliphatic amines are the amine compounds in which Nitrogen is bonded to only alkyl groups, and aromatic amines are the amine compounds in which Nitrogen is bonded to at least one of the aryl groups.