Morpholine 99% – OR13977 – 110-91-8 from Apollo Scientific

Morpholine 99% – OR13977 – 110-91-8 from Apollo Scientific

  • cas number 110-91-8

    CAS Number 110-91-8

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  • morpholine cas no.110-91-8 - sparchem

    MORPHOLINE CAS No.110-91-8 - Sparchem

    Morpholine 110-91-8 99 - 100% Yes 3. Hazards Identification Emergency Overview----- DANGER! CORROSIVE. CAUSES BURNS TO ANY AREA OF CONTACT. Morpholine (110-91-8) No No 3 . 12. Ecological Information Environmental Fate: When released into the soil, this material may biodegrade to a moderate extent.

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    2-Amino-5-fluoropyridine 99% - PC0886 - Apollo Scientific

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  • 110-91-8;138048-80-3, morpholine, cas no 110

    110-91-8;138048-80-3, Morpholine, CAS No 110

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    4-(Trifluoroacetyl)morpholine | CAS No. 360-95-2 | Sigma

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  • un 2054: morpholine - substance information – hazmat tool

    UN 2054: Morpholine - Substance information – HazMat Tool

    Morpholine. Morpholine is an organic chemical compound having the chemical formula O(CH2CH2)2NH. This heterocycle features both amine and ether functional groups. Because of the amine, morpholine is a base; its conjugate acid is called morpholinium. For example, treating morpholine with hydrochloric acid makes the salt morpholinium chloride

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